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    Match Making, Dating and Love -Past , Present and Future


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    Match Making, Dating and Love -Past , Present and Future

    Post by CWIZ_US on Sun Dec 17, 2006 3:30 am


    Ok, I am a man in my middle age who grew up partially in the countryside and lived another portion of my life in the capital city "Tunis" and now for over a decade I live in the USA (From the extreme to the extreme. hehh Smile ). Saying that doesn't mean I forget my roots or upbringing. I am still and will continue for ever to be that countryman who speaks the "ga" for "gally" not "9" for "9ally" and still love to sit on the ground "Arabic way -ga3da 3arbi" and eat water melon and cactus fruits "Hindi" from the farm with do respect to the city people where they grew up and it is their normal life and tradition I meant no insult here believe me ( the one thing I hate is the gangsters and thieves all over the roads days and nights harassing and rubbing people in the middle of the day under the clear sun (-no body cares-ok- this is a big subject and could be a topic by itself so lets forget it for now and move on to our main subject here "Match Making, Dating and Love -Past , Present and Future ". As I previously said I am from the country-side who's been living in different environment and continents with a good amount of experience worldwide. I also own a Dating website and do not mind the friendships as long as there is a respect, honesty and clean mind and body with no selfishness or greed " You know what I mean. right? lol. I think no-one will deny that there is a big change in the way we live today and communicate with each other especially between what is said to be educated generation among those are the ones with a university education more open minded and freedom- oriented people who don't mind commingling and meeting new friends and seek other relationships outside of their parents control "old tradition" lol I still love it you know but I don't mind being modern with limits and background thoughts in mind. Anyway, tell us what do you think are the pros and cons of the new age. I do respect your ideas and thoughts for whom ever you are.

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    About me!!

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 17, 2006 1:50 pm

    i'm 19 years old!!
    so my exeperience is not so big lol!
    ok what i think abou t the new age!!

    (+) what i like is that we have a lot of facilities that facilitate our life and make it more easy!
    (+)TV; PC's; Internet =) All the hi_tech innovations!!
    and by those facilitie we make distance shorter between cultures and thoughts "as you see you are a tunisian who live in amercia and also we have a good frien with us who is David from america"
    And we talk we chat we exchange our points of view!!
    BUT the problem is that after this great wave of modernisation ,it's exactly the opposite that happened :
    (-)people communicate the less and they say: "we are busy working all the time"
    (-)people are neglicting the country side life and are becoming more and more complex toward nature!
    (-)because of this we created a big hole between rich and poor people; Rich people become more richer and poor people become more poorer!!
    (-)We discovered a life full of criminals and thiefs and those who want to make our life full of hunger and fear pirat

    But let's be optimist; i know that what i've written is not making you optimist but it's our duty to change the world and if we cannot , we just have to change or try to develop ourselves to the best we can!!

    What counts the most in this life is love and happiness cheers
    let's enjoy it!!!
    maybe i was off the point but sorry that what i have in my mind now!

    Welcome "cwiz" to the forum you are welcome!!!
    and go to the topic "my name is...." and introduce yourself
    welcome and enjoy yourself in our forum lol!
    Ibn Fraj Bilel

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    Re: Match Making, Dating and Love -Past , Present and Future

    Post by Ibn Fraj Bilel on Mon Dec 18, 2006 1:47 am

    Thank you Mr.Mohamed to join and help us !
    Make sure that we need your help

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    Re: Match Making, Dating and Love -Past , Present and Future

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