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    Canada New Society

    Post by Menyar on Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:16 pm

    Migrations are not just a contemporary phenomenon. The world has largely been shaped by movement of people which have contributed to the variety and mixture of cultures noticeable in many places. Indeed, migrations refer not only to the circulation of people but, also to the circulation on the main emigration movements from Britain to the Empire and Commonwealth and to Canada in particular.
    We will look at the causes of this emigration and its impacts on Canada. The core of the course is in reality the Canadians themselves; that is the societies and individuals that live in Canada now as well as the societies and individuals that preceded them on the same territory. We will deal with two characteristics found in the country in a significant proportion: multiculturalness and constant changes caused by the ignoring technological and social revolution.
    “New society”: is a concept used to describe and study the characteristics of some states created by the expansion of European countries and by the colonization they practiced in the modern era.
    “British Empire”: it rapidly expended into a loose union of varied sovereignties during the European colonizing competition of the 19th century. British imperial growth largely arose from 18th and 19th century foreign diplomacy and military conquest, although missionary activity and the slave trade also played significant roles. At its height in the early 20th century the British Empire included one-quarter of the world’s population and land surface.
    “British Commonwealth”: is an association formed in 1931 of those communities within the British Empire that recognized allegiance to the British crown. All dominions (member nations) were guaranteed equal status with Great Britain. These dominions were Ireland, Canada, Australia, Neuziland and South Africa. They used to be the white colonies in the British Empire.

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