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    desire under the elms summary


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    desire under the elms summary

    Post by SAOUSSEN on Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:55 pm

    Desire under the Elms E.O.'Niell has written this play, which is divided into four scenes. The story is about an old man Ephraim Cabot, owner of a farm. He has three sons-Simeon, Peter and Eben. The play starts with the discussion of three brothers; all of them hate their father and accused of Cabot for the death of their mother whom Cabot had overworked to death. Simeon and Peter express their Desire to go to California in search of gold. But Eben wants to inherit the farm after his fatherís death. When he comes to know that Cabot has again married he proposed his brothers to sign away their right to the farm to Eben and for that he gives them 300$ each. When Cabot arrives with Abbie a 35 year old, beautiful lady, few insulting words are exchanged between Abbie and Eben. He blames her for selling herself for the sake of property, but both of them were attracted to each other. Abbie being a clever lady insinuates Cabot that Eben has tried to make love with her. At night when Cabot goes to the barn Abbie goes to Ebenís room and starts kissing him. When Eben thinks that if he seduces her then he will be able to take revenge from Cabot and his motherís soul will be satisfied. So they both are engaged in making love to each other. Abbie promised him that she will die for him if necessary. After a year Abbie got a boy and Cabot gives a party to all the relatives who all know that the child is not of Cabot but of Eben. After the party father and son have a heated discussion and Cabot declared that he will inherit his property to Abbieís son and tells that Abbie also wants the same. He also hits Eben by his neck and goes out. Now Eben accuses Abbie of treachery and hypocrisy and says that he will love her only if the child does not exist .Abbie declared that she will kill her child to retain Ebenís love. At the same night she smothers the child when Eben hears this he is horrified and abuses her and accuses her of killing his child and goes to call the police. The irony is that Abbie murdered the child for Eben and Eben imputes altogether different motives to her and misunderstands her love. When Cabot awakes Abbie tells Cabot the child is not his but Ebenís. Ultimately Sheriff arrives and then Eben realizes her love and confesses to the Sheriff his share in the crime and both are taken away, kissing and embracing. Old Cabot is then destined to live and work loneliness on the unlucky farm. bounce rabbit

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