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    Phonetic symbols

    charradi myriam

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    Phonetic symbols

    Post by charradi myriam on Fri Nov 30, 2007 9:57 pm

    As our Phonetic symbols sheet is not clear, here is another one .. i tried to make it clear as i can ..



    p pen, copy, happen

    b back, baby, job

    t tea, tight, button

    d day, ladder, odd

    k key,clock, school

    g get, giggle, ghost

    i kit,bid, hymn,minute

    e dress, bed, head, many

    trap, bad

    ɒ lot, odd, wash

    ʌ strut, mud, love, blood

    ʊ foot, good, put

    ə about, common, standard

    tʃ church, match, nature

    dʒ judge, age, soldier

    i: fleece, sea, machine

    eɪ face, day, break

    aɪ price, high, try

    ɔɪ choice, boy

    f fat, coffee,rough, photo

    v view, heavy,move

    θ thing, author, path

    this, other, smooth

    s soon, cease, sister

    z zero,music, roses

    ʃ ship, sure, national

    ʒ pleasure, vision

    h hot, whole, ahead

    u: goose, two, blue, group

    əʊ goat,show, no

    aʊ mouth, now

    m more, hammer, sum

    n nice, know, funny, sun

    ŋ ring, anger,thanks,sung

    ɪə near, here, weary

    square, fair, various

    ɑ: start, father

    ɔ: thought, law, north, war

    ʊə poor, jury, cure

    ə: nurse, stir, learn, refer

    l light,valley, feel

    r right, wrong, sorry,

    j yet, use, beauty, few

    w wet, one, when, queen

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