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    Post by laflouf86 on Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:26 pm

    Sometimes we do not choose, things come as orders!

    Sometimes we want to keep things we love, but destiny take them by force from our hands!

    Sometimes we want to screem in the middle of the street, but we scare if they thought we are crazy!

    Sometimes we want to be hidden, so no one can see us, so we can walk with confidence!

    Sometimes we want to sleep deeply, that we waike up free from all our pains!

    Sometimes we wish that our lives are just a bad dream, so we know for sure that we will waike up in any time!

    Sometimes we feel suffocated, so we hardly can breath!

    Sometimes and suddenly we see poeple monsters, all fight with all, but you are standing washing without saying a word!!

    Sometimes we wish we can fly, so nothing can confine us!

    Sometimes we want to be crazy or loose our minds for a second, so we can see life with it's simplicity and stupidity, so we forget all the wars and problems for a while!!

    Sometimes we want badly to say these words:" I'm good , poeple are good, life is good, waw, how much I'm happy !!"

    Sometimes we feel a strong wish to get our souls out of our bodies for letting her goes away away!!

    Thank God! I know that you never forget about us! But please please help, give us a little push , give us more power and help us to be stronger than we are!

    Alhamd lellah 3la kolli hal !!!!!!!


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    Re: Sometimes!!!

    Post by Joumen on Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:26 pm


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    Re: Sometimes!!!

    Post by ahmedbleach on Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:09 am

    Hello Joumen, i appreciate ur small writing. I won't blame u coz u don't want to make friendship with other people. Each 1 of us has it's point of view to look at the subject. But, i'll just answer u why is it necessary for me to have friends. I'm studying at ISG univ in tunis, & almost every day i have to pass between 6 & 7.30 hours in faculty. & u know that there, i cannot bring my family members or my relatives to speak with, so with whom should i speak or pass my time there ?? who should i ask for his/her help if i didn't understand smth about a lesson ??!! If i'll be alone & i'll pretend that i don't need friends, i ensure u that i'll be a desperate person. We leave in a society which is crowded by different mentality and ways of thinking, & each time i make a friendship with some1else, i learn from him many things that i didn't found neither in my family nor in my relatives. & even allah says in the wholy Coran "انا خلقناكم شعوبا و قبائل لتعارفوا".
    Besides, i noticed from ur message that u r suffering coz u r woman !!! u know that woman in islam is the powerful being in life !! Do u believe me if i tell u that when i knew the true islam & how does it respect & appreciate women i wished that i was a woman ... ( but men r not so bad neither lool ..) . Yes, it's hard to be a woman nowadays, but the fact that u r woman should push u to leave embarrassing urself by this kind of ideas u have & to think how can u improve ur actual situation to face the reality, coz sitting in this vicious circle will not help u neither as a human beig nor as a woman.
    plz, accept me to be ur friend & i apologize if u felt smth that huts u in my message, be sure that i didn't mean that, but i wrote just what i'm feeling & anyway, u became my friend already.
    See u soon & take care. Good bye.

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    Re: Sometimes!!!

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