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    An example of a narrative essay


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    An example of a narrative essay

    Post by Joumen on Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:42 pm

    Here is an example of how to write a narrative essay.

    1- Read the topic carefully and underline the keywords
    2- Forget about the exam and try to relax and think in a natural way
    3- Think about or imagine a story related to the topic. Take your time
    4- Write every thing that comes to your mind. You do not need to orgonize your thoughts now
    5- Once you have written the story, follow the professor's instructions on how to write the introduction, the body, and the conclusion of your essay
    5- review your essay and take a bit more care with your spelling and grammar

    Tell a story that illustrates an abstraction.

    I was twenty-one and a student. I had to choose one of the five topics the professor had proposed to write a narrative essay. It was a boring day when I began doing this homework, a day when I remembered/withdrew into memories of my life, of my experiences. Never have I felt so nervous, so sad, so lonely, and so silly.

    I was alone; I read the five topics then I left the room. I did not like them; they were so personal and so embarrassing questions. I wanted to avoid remembering the past not because it was bad or sad, but because I had no past, I had nothing to talk about and it was this the fact that I did not want to remember. On the other hand, I knew I had to write the essays to improve my English, so I took my pen, the sheet, and the most embarrassing moments of my life began.

    I remembered the experiences that affected my life. But how the introvert and discreet person I was, and I am, could write and talk about something I have never talked about, said to myself. I felt depressed when I started the essay and I spent two hours thinking. I selected the easiest topic; it was about “a story that illustrates an abstraction”. I found it the first suitable step that might encourage me to talk about my life. I was so close about my past. The idea that my teacher and my colleagues would read my essay disturbed me. What would she say, I thought, certainly she would not find it entertaining. While I was writing, I was thinking of how it was too hard to remember that one never had friends and never wanted to be approachable. I never asked myself why I should be lonely; it was my life and no one could oblige me to change or talk about it. I was not happy when dealing with the essay; I thought how it would bore the readers silly and how they would find me a silly person; yes, I have always admitted that and accepted it.

    I had a bleak way of life and I never expected others to understand me, I thought, but if it was the case why being sad. It was the life I chose, or may be I was obliged to accept it; then why I was afraid of talking about, I asked myself; because I never wanted the others know things about me, but what the problem was; everybody might have sad experiences in his life. “The show must go on”, I thought again, so I had to finish the essays and shut out this memory at once. I took the pen and I wrote about those abstract feelings of dismal and loneliness that pushed me remember how my life was empty and cold.

    Although it was a difficult day since I spent five hours writing the essay, it helped me finishing the remaining topics more easily and quickly because I finally dared to talk and express myself.

    Very Happy

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    Re: An example of a narrative essay

    Post by Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:35 am

    welcome back joumen Wink
    you are always welcomed

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    Re: An example of a narrative essay

    Post by laflouf86 on Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:01 am

    Hi Joumen Smile

    I like what you write, and agree with you that speaking about your self is not that easy, and need a lot of courage , for many reasons; maybe because it hard to face several moments that we do not want to remember them, or maybe , as you said , you didn't want to speake about specilthings or little secrets you find them very personal..and other reasons.
    I think that speaking about ourselves is very important, because it helps us to know ourselves more deeply, so speak-up, and be an opened book..

    The forum is a good chance to express your ideas .
    Good Luck Joumen in your exams . LIke you say always:'Life is good'

    Very Happy Very Happy Wink Wink

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    Re: An example of a narrative essay

    Post by firdous on Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:52 pm


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    Re: An example of a narrative essay

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