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    A beautiful poem!!!!

    Rahma Sboui Gueddah

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    A beautiful poem!!!!

    Post by Rahma Sboui Gueddah on Wed Mar 21, 2007 7:13 pm

    Catch me if you can

    No butterfly can fly for eternity
    No bird can go for infinity

    We all have to land sometime
    We all have to crash sometime
    We all have a date with death sometime

    So catch me while you can

    For my legs are broken as autumn leafs
    But my spirit is kicking still

    Never left my colors to your gray shades
    Never left my hope to your shadows blades

    Catch me honey if you can

    No sorrow can touch me today
    No pain can explain my gains today

    Today I stand free, even if broken or cracked
    Today I can say, no more

    No more lies
    No more tears
    No more of you

    And now I know why they named you fear

    F is for falling always in flames of fire
    E is for eating my every living thing
    A is for aching from abandon
    R is my first name letter that you can't steal

    Catch me today if you can! No more of you

    Today it's me.... and the blue sky
    Dancing with the stars and chasing the moon

    No more fear
    No more fear

    the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do..

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