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    2nd Sem. Annie Jhone:Chapter 5 :Columbus in chains


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    2nd Sem. Annie Jhone:Chapter 5 :Columbus in chains

    Post by laflouf86 on Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:09 pm

    Like a Star @ heaven ANNIE'S VIEW TOWARDS THE COLONISER Like a Star @ heaven

    In this chapter, Annie appears in a more mature figure . It is true that she speaks with an innocent language, but its meanings are not innocent at all. Annie clearly expose her refusal vision towards the coloniser'the England' in the same time she is proud of her ancestors, despite their past inferiority and the name of"slaves" imposed by the masters.
    In an explicit way, she dexribes a sort of successful in term of superiority in knowlage; Annie beleive that her ancestors were surely victims of an authority exposed by the coloniser, but they do not have the strong weapon that Annie's old grand parents obtain,which is intelligence and knowlage .
    This is what Annie meant it by dexribing "Ruth" the English girl by "dunce" girl . Being the most intelligent , and brightest girl in the class, Annie feels somehow 'successful' and very strong and has the ability to markan active presense and edit the passive,dominated picture of 'slaves' .

    Step by step Annie closely grow up in term of the issues that she deals with. She draw her personal view to the world . Annie makesa clear distinguish the real conflict , pointing a finger at the issue of colonisation; the eternal conflict between colonise and coloniser . It is not just a conflict and fight for the land, it is that conflict of culture and mainly of approval of identities , a conflict of receptions.

    Annie clearly knows a process of development , it is a process in descovering the world and things in a new way ; from an eye more mature eyes.

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