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    2nd Semester_Group Work_Annie John_GWEN


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    2nd Semester_Group Work_Annie John_GWEN

    Post by safa on Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:32 pm

    queen i want to ask about this chapter please can you help to answer ..
    Annie says that she and Gwen "fell in love" How pervasive are the sexual overtones between the girls? Is their relationship typical or atypical of other adolescent friendships between girls? Do you think this kind of relationship is more likely to develop in an all-girls school?

    Why doesn't Annie tell Gwen about her changed relations with her mother?
    study lol!

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    here to help!

    Post by Admin on Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:45 pm

    Hello safa, Very Happy

    Thanks for asking these questions, they are really interesting!
    According to me, the fact that Annie and Gwen fell in love doesn't have any of the sexual overtones, They still young to think about such a complex and abnormal phenomenon like lesbianism!
    They still young for these felthy thoughts, Evil or Very Mad (maybe someone else will interprate it differently), it's a friendly realtionship that mainly symbolise a sort of compensation of the maternal love.
    Girls are more able to integrate groups easilly! So if it's the case of a girls shools or normal schools, girls tend to have intimate relationships with other girls and it's simply the same case for Annie.
    But I never thought why Annie didn't tell Gwen about her changed relations with her mother, maybe she want to remain that best girl in her class that everything is under her control, with no problems or fears!

    scratch scratch scratch
    Now this is something else i would like to say , it's really important trying to interprate the novel, but it's also important to not exagerate in our interpretations..
    Jamaice Kincaid is not a genious, she is a writer asimple one who transformed the life of a little girl to a beautifull novel...
    (This is what I think, I hope I was clear enough)
    Good luck everybody with the exams results...
    I'm waiting for it ; inchalla we ala succeed together cheers cheers

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