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    The point of view

    charradi myriam

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    The point of view

    Post by charradi myriam on Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:38 pm

    The point of view

    The point of view signifies the way a story gets told, the perspective through which the reader is represented with the character, actions, setting and events which constitute the narrative.
    Authors have developed many different way to represent the story, they established division between third person and first person narrative.

    Third person narrator:
    The narrator is someone outside the story, who refers to character by name or “he”, “she”, “they”. He is also called the Omniscient narrator because of the assumption that the narrator knows everything about the events.
    He is entirely free to move in time and place and to shift from character to another reporting or concealing their speeches and actions. He also has access to the character’s thoughts and feelings.
    ---> the intrusive narrator
    The intrusive narrator reports but freely comments on character evaluating their actions and motives. However the narrator may choose to be un-intrusive or impersonal. He shows reports and describes without commenting.

    The first person narrator:
    This method limits the point of view to what the narrator himself knows, he maybe a witness of events or a minor participant in the story or the central character.

    The objective or Dramatic narrator:
    He represents his invented situations and fictional character, their thoughts, feelings and actions but remains detached and non-commital. He effaces himself and leaves the story to tell itself.

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