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    2nd semester_As you like it_Key facts

    charradi myriam

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    2nd semester_As you like it_Key facts

    Post by charradi myriam on Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:30 pm

    Key Facts

    Full title : As You Like It
    Author : William Shakespeare
    Type of work : Play
    Genre : Comedy, pastoral
    Language : English
    Time and place written : 1598–1600; London, England
    Date of first publication : First published in the Folio of 1623
    Tone : Comic, romantic
    Setting (time) : Sixteenth century
    Setting (place) : France, primarily the fictional Forest of Ardenne
    Protagonist : Rosalind
    Major conflict : Rosalind and Orlando fall in love, but Rosalind is unjustly banished from Duke Frederick’s court; Orlando is both denied his birthright by his jealous brother Oliver and forced to flee from the vindictive Duke Frederick.
    Rising action : In order to teach Orlando how to be a proper husband to her, Rosalind disguises herself as a young man named Ganymede and instructs him in the ways of love.
    Climax : Rosalind promises to marry Orlando and gets Phoebe to agree to marry Silvius, should things go awry with her beloved Ganymede, who is actually Rosalind in disguise.
    Falling action : Rosalind, appearing as herself, marries Orlando, and Phoebe marries Silvius.
    Themes : The delights of love; the malleability of the human experience; city life versus country life

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