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    2nd semester_Annie john_Quiz

    charradi myriam

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    2nd semester_Annie john_Quiz

    Post by charradi myriam on Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:37 pm


    On what Caribbean island does Annie John live?
    (A) Anguilla
    (B) Antigua
    (C) Dominica
    (D) Saint Lucia

    What island does Annie John's mother come from?
    (A) Dominica
    (B) Antigua
    (C) Saint Nevins
    (D) Jamaica

    What does Annie's father do for a living?
    (A) He runs a funeral home
    (B) He is a minister
    (C) He is a carpenter
    (D) Nothing, he is unemployed

    Who is Annie John's best friend in school?
    (A) Nalda
    (B) Hilarene
    (C) Gwen
    (D) Charlotte

    What food does Annie hate?
    (A) Breadfruit
    (B) Rice
    (C) Fish
    (D) Coconuts

    What does Annie write her essay at school about?
    (A) How her father built her a trunk
    (B) Her summer vacation outside of town
    (C) When her grandmother died
    (D) Her fear of losing her mother after she swam away on a beach

    Who is frequently the dunce in Annie's class?
    (A) Annie
    (B) Hilarene
    (C) The Red Girl
    (D) Ruth, an English girl

    What does Annie find her parents doing when she gets home from Sunday school?
    (A) Fixing the roof
    (B) Searching under the house for her marbles
    (C) Making love
    (D) Eating lunch without her

    What girl does Annie befriend without telling Gwen?
    (A) The Red Girl
    (B) Nalda
    (C) Ruth
    (D) Hilarene

    Where is Annie going at the end of the novel?
    (A) To England
    (B) To Dominica
    (C) To the countryside of Antigua
    (D) To Anguilla

    What is Annie's favorite novel?
    (A) Jane Eyre
    (B) Uncle Tom's Cabin
    (C) Jude the Obscure
    (D) Wuthering Heights

    What text does the headmistress make Annie copy as punishment?
    (A) The Bible
    (B) Shakespeare's The Tempest
    (C) Milton's Paradise Lost
    (D) John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

    Who comes to take care of Annie when she is sick?
    (A) Her Aunt May
    (B) The Red Girl
    (C) Gwen
    (D) Ma Chess

    Whose picture does Annie deface in the history book?
    (A) King George's
    (B) Queen Victoria's
    (C) Queen Elizabeths'
    (D) Christopher Columbus's

    Annie's illness corresponds with what natural occurrence?
    (A) A drought
    (B) A rainbow
    (C) A torrential rainstorm
    (D) A solar eclipse

    What item does Annie's mother bring with her from Dominica?
    (A) A special obeah doll blessed by her mother
    (B) Her wedding dress
    (C) A trunk
    (D) A photo album of her family at home

    What happened to Annie's father's parents?
    (A) They drown at sea
    (B) They died of old age
    (C) They moved to South America
    (D) They moved to England

    Who harasses Annie and her mother as they walk back from town?
    (A) The old obeah woman who hates Annie's mother
    (B) A rabid dog
    (C) One of her mother's old beaus
    (D) A woman who had a child with Annie's father

    What does Annie become an expert at after meeting the Red Girl?
    (A) Swimming
    (B) Jumping rope
    (C) Playing marbles
    (D) Climbing guava trees to pick the fruit

    What thing does Annie not do when she is sick?
    (A) Wet her bed
    (B) Wash her family's photographs
    (C) Climb up on the roof of her house
    (D) Picture herself as a Brownie doll

    Where does Annie dream of moving?
    (A) Argentina
    (B) France
    (C) Belgium
    (D) Dominica

    Who does Annie walk to school with everyday?
    (A) Nalda
    (B) The Red Girl
    (C) Gwen
    (D) Sonia

    Where do the girls at school hang out during recess?
    (A) In the playground
    (B) On the school steps
    (C) Around the lake next to the school
    (D) On the tombstones behind the school

    Annie pictures the sadness inside her as which of the following?
    (A) A red brick
    (B) A gold chest that will not open
    (C) A blue heart
    (D) A black ball covered with cobwebs

    What is Gwen planning to do at the end of the novel?
    (A) Study to become a nurse
    (B) Move to Saint Kitts
    (C) Study to become a teacher
    (D) Get married

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